Welcome to Wegan community

Welcome to WEGAN Community!

We are glad that you’re here, as we want to make this happen together!

Today, one of the most efficient way to fight against the climate change is to change the way we eat. We want to make climate-friendly vegan food accessible to anyone.

Our dreams are big, and our goals are high. As we have just started, we don’t know everything, though. That’s why we need you. So thank you for being here!

As our community member you can use your voice in our polls, get an access to try out the WEGAN Original Smoothies by our chefs as well as get the WEGAN Wednesday recipe and the latest updates straight to your inbox.

Please let us know if you like our smoothies. Post your creation on Instagram and tag us!

Every meal counts. We can change the world, bite by bite.

We are now collecting the WORLD’S EASIEST VEGAN RECIPES

What’s your easy recipe? Please share it with us now. Submit your recipe here.



    22 Recipes for 2022 ebook

    Our goal at WEGAN is simple, to challenge people the world over to make better choices about what they eat. About what you eat. Be it occasionally or daily because every bite counts and every single choice matters for you and the planet.?

    Only together can we create change and the WEGAN community is here to inspire just that. No one can change everything, but everyone can change something. ?

    So, here it is: 22 ways to eat the world to a better place in 2022. 
    Ebook full of inspiring and easy recipes from our chefs and community!